Steps to Connecting to the Digital World of Work

Steps to Connecting to the Digital World of Work

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Blog Series

The world is depending more and more on technology, as we noted in the previous piece, and this dependence will only increase. Business owners are investigating the potential benefits that technology may have for their own organisations, and those who dig deep enough, get the correct technology, and receive the proper guidance and training are rarely let down.

Let's review the two objectives from the previous post and look at how we can accomplish them.

The challenges

  1. Increase security – Lower the risk your organization faces
  2. Increase profit and productivity

Every company on earth strives to accomplish both of these during the day, and if it were simple, everyone would be making millions of dollars a year, so we are aware that this won't be a simple task to complete. Let's examine what you can do to make sure you accomplish your objectives and move closer to the big ones.

  1. Increase security – Lower the risk your organization faces

It is strongly advised to divide big goals into smaller, more manageable ones when setting them. This time, we'll divide them into four distinct groups.

It is advised to first divide larger goals into smaller ones that are more manageable before setting them for yourself. This time, we're going to divide it into four groups:

  • A cultural change
  • Infrastructure
  • Technical controls
  • Data.

A cultural change

Security should always be your top business priority, but it can be very challenging to win your team over. They need to understand their critical role in safeguarding your systems when using them. Your organization needs to undergo a culture change. The best way to do this is by training, education, and support. Depending on their role in the organization, each member of your team needs to be trained on every system protection strategy you have available.


Asking yourself whether your infrastructure is capable will help you determine its age, lifespan, and the level of maintenance needed to make it function to its maximum potential. As we said, without this knowledge your data might be everywhere, therefore make sure you have control over every end-user device (you must know what your staff can access and what device they are using to access it).

Technical controls

Every mobile device you and your employees use to work should be encrypted. A cell phone is too easy to misplace, and once found, anyone can access its contents at will. If you lose your mobile device, mobile encryption prevents data theft.

Firewalls are crucial because they serve as a firewall between your machine and the internet, allowing access for only that which is deemed secure and preventing access to anything deemed hostile or uncharted. Firewalls allow you and your team to carry on with your regular tasks while discreetly and unobtrusively protecting your systems in the background.

Malicious software is prevented, found, and eliminated from your computer systems by anti-malware software. Software that can combat all types of malware is crucial because it can inflict crippling issues on your system from the inside and comes in a variety of ways.


Always be aware of where your data is kept and who has access to it because not doing so could leave you vulnerable to attack if the wrong person gains access and the legal repercussions could be very costly.

  1. Increase profit and productivity

We can split this into two subheadings:

  • Integration and automation
  • The right tools.

Integration and automation

Microsoft 365 is typically the first item that comes to mind when people consider a collection of products that have improved their computer-using experience. Its tool set has been a mainstay of our daily life for many years; it has given us tools that are unmatched in terms of utility, quality, and cost. Teams, which has an astounding 250 million daily users worldwide, is by far the most used connection product ever offered on the market and is by far the most popular tool in the Microsoft toolbox. Because every tool in Microsoft's toolkit is integrated and offers several opportunities for automation, you can save time while increasing your team's productivity.

The Right Tools

Your team has to have a fundamental understanding of the hardware and software they use on a daily basis. Once this is accomplished, you will almost immediately begin to experience the advantages in terms of productivity and security. Your users will become proficient in utilizing the products to their fullest capacity, which will increase their productivity and enable you to generate more cash.

Modern Technology will help your business thrive

In this modern age the modern technologies available have the ability to propel your business to another level of efficiency. At Office Automation Technologies we can help your business keep up with the modern technologies that are common amongst businesses so that you can stay competitive. If you would like help with this, please get in contact with us today.