The costs associated with data loss and any resulting downtime, can be crippling. A critical component to a stable and sound technology infrastructure is mitigating risk of downtime and data loss and having the ability to recover QUICKLY. Regular data backup is a table stake for businesses. But, proper planning is also imperative to ensure your business continues to be up and running, and that you have access to mission-critical applications and data in case of a server down. Business continuity is the ability to ensure your business-critical functions remain operational during any kind of disruptive incident.

OATI offers backup solutions for servers, individual desktops, and cloud-based data, and will ensure you won’t lose sleep worrying about business continuity or data loss.


Small to midsize organizations have become increasingly vulnerable to data breaches from cyber attacks. Today’s evolving atmosphere of both client data and security threats makes it difficult for businesses to properly implement the security technology needed to elevate their security posture, employ well-trained security experts, and effectively monitor and respond to multi-faceted threats. Additionally, data breaches can be not only difficult to detect, but can also be catastrophic to the business owner.

The implementation of a strong security program has now become necessary to safeguard the confidentiality, availability and the integrity of your company’s data. Security threats come from all sides and are growing in number and complexity. Protecting your company and mitigating risk to your valuable assets is a top priority for the OATI team.

OATI’s provides a complete security solution:

  • Network & Security Assessments
  • Penetration Testing & PCI/HIPAA Compliance Services
  • Firewalls & Security Appliances
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, & Content Filtering
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Endpoint Security
  • E-mail Encryption
  • Disk Encryption & Data Loss Prevention
  • Content Filtering

OATI’s security offering ensures your data is secure and uncompromised.