Today, more than ever, technology is the heart of business process, efficiency and scale. A secure, stable and next generation technology infrastructure is critical. This includes a consistent process around data security, backups, server downtime, application upgrades and more. Small to mid-size organizations have a tough time justifying the expense of in-house IT department. Working with a technology partner allows these critical technology aspects impacting business productivity to remain front and center. We become an extension of your team, sitting on the same side of the table to help architect, manage and support your technology requirements quickly and efficiently, without the costs that come with maintaining a 24/7 IT team on your payroll.

When you chose OATI as your technology partner, you’ll work with a dedicated vCIO. This resource will collaborate in technology planning that aligns with your business goals. You’ll work together quarterly to create your technology road map based on the organization’s priorities and budgets. Your vCIO will assist in the procurement needed for any projects planned, and hardware/software needs you may have.

Technology will continue to be one of the differentiators to keep organizations competitive. We’ll work together and provide the strategic guidance you need to leverage your technology investment to continue to grow your business.