Construction Project Management via the Cloud

Construction Project Management via the Cloud

Over the past few years, mobile devices have started to revolutionize the construction industry. At the front of this is cloud-based construction management storage.

Using this new cloud technology to manage projects in the cloud will significantly increase productivity on the jobsite.

Suppose you want to work with your team and remotely collaborate via the internet, allow contractors to bid on projects from their home, communicate with your team while you’re at a conference or on vacation. In that case, you’ll need a cloud–based construction platform to get the job done.

How many construction companies are currently benefiting from cloud computing to help manage their projects? Well, according to a recent study from the General Contractors of America, 82% of all construction contractors are currently using some sort of cloud-based computing solutions.

While these stats seem promising, the survey cites that only 10% of contractors say they use fully cloud-based software.

Whether your company is fully submerged in cloud–based construction management already or you and your team are just getting started for the first time, a thorough understanding of how the cloud can help and your team handle projects is critical to staying ahead in the construction industry’s future.

Today we’ll show you the difference between a mobile app and a cloud-based solution. We’ll also explain the benefits of using the cloud to manage your construction projects online.

Cloud Computing vs. Mobile apps in Construction: What’s the Difference?

Mobile apps vs. cloud-based management solutions are very different, and construction professionals worldwide are discovering benefits that can only come from using a cloud-based solution.

While there are two different types of technology available, they allow you to access the data you need from anywhere in the world when they are used together.

The best way to tell the difference in them is by the role they play in communication:

  • Mobile Computing – is the physical device you use to access the internet. This could be a phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Cloud Computing – is the virtual storage space that holds your software, applications, data, and files, and it’s the system that allows you to access it securely when needed.

There are many tons of reasons cloud-based project management systems should be in your future, including:

  • Enhanced accessibility: You will have access to your cloud files, applications, documents, images, and more from virtually anywhere you have access to the internet, including your job site, home, jobs, or client’s location. By using a cloud-based system, it will also improve team accessibility.
  • No manual updates: A cloud-based construction management solution is automatically updated. Any information that is pushed to the cloud will be done in real-time, ensuring no one on your team misses any important change or updates to your project.
  • Improved collaboration: When you need to access a file and make some changes to it, every member of your team will be able to see the updated files instantly.
  • Single source of truth: A cloud-based management system helps to build a single source of truth for your project. That way, you have one reliable source of data and information being shared. So many times, one person has one version, and another person has an older version. Issues like this will no longer be an issue for your team as there will always be one current set of information they will have access to throughout the project.
  • Added security: If you lose your phone or laptop, you will lose access to your data stored on there, but if you are on the cloud, you can reset your password so whoever finds it can’t access it. And once you get your new device, just log in, and in less than 2 seconds, you will have access to all the data the rest of your team does.

The Benefits of a Cloud Computing Solution in Construction

A mobile cloud computing solution has several benefits for companies and their users by allowing teams to share information in different areas remotely.

All of the files and data you or your team needs to work on a project can be stored in a central location online. Employees, subcontractors, and such that have been granted access can then use their mobile devices to these files or applications remotely. This will allow anyone to get updates, check plans or changes and perform the required tasks to get the job done.

Saves Time

Today’s construction crews already waste enough time searching for data and information. According to a recent report, construction companies spend “30% of their time (over 12 hours per week) on non-productive activities such as conflict resolution, looking for project information, and dealing with mistakes and rework.”

When processes are run with cloud–based systems, it allows teams to save time. You can double-check documents, work orders, and plans from any location you have access to the internet.

Furthermore, using the cloud helps eliminate long trips to and from the office to deliver a photo or check a measurement.

Scale Your Company

Another unique benefit is scalability. For a construction company, mobile cloud computing makes it easier for you to take on additional projects because you can place a bid, answer questions or have a conversation where you need to share info, even if you are not in the office.

Since the project information is right at your fingertips, any device you have will allow you to provide a client with the details needed to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunity or deadline.

Unites Teams

The enhanced collaboration that comes with using a cloud-based solution will make it easier and more efficient than ever to work together.

Changes are tracked, and each member of your team will be notified once an update is added to the cloud in real time.

Some are concerned about the possible security risk associated with cloud adoption in construction. Because your client data is sensitive and confidential, the construction cloud computing must be secured and protected against external threats. Data breaches and cyber threats can compromise patient safety, diminish company revenue, and devastate a provider’s reputation.

Cloud storage is now secured by use of data encryption, security keys, and data protection through blockchain. Cloud computing also offers infrastructure security through advanced network firewalls, private connectivity choices, and scalable redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

Office Automation has the skill set and technical expertise to help you in setting up a cloud solution that protects your data. We can also monitor your network and can detect suspicious cloud account changes automatically, allowing us to quickly respond if there are threats to security. Other cloud providers also have capabilities to manage user access policies through Identity Access Management, SSO (Single Sign-On), and Active Directory service.

Construction cloud computing has made rapid strides, but still has a long way to go. Its development with the internet, artificial intelligence and algorithms creates many possibilities for an improved construction cloud environment.

With increased resource availability, lowered costs, and enhanced patient experience, construction cloud computing will continue its fast growing trend.

So if you are ready to talk to a Construction Cloud Expert then give us a call today.