IT Support – The Checklist

IT Support – The Checklist

by | Jun 6, 2022 | IT Services

In the previous article we explored the modern world of work and concluded that technology has revolutionized both our workplaces and home lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We also came to the conclusion that just buying tech isn’t good enough, because you must choose the right tech – tech that is strategically aligned to the way you and your team work. Going further, you must be certain that the support around that tech is of the highest possible standard.
IT support isn’t just support any more and the responsibilities of your support provider are much more extensive than they once were.

In the remainder of this article we will make a checklist of what you as a business owner need to look out for when navigating potential providers’ websites.

The checklist

1. Proactivity not reactivity

Your provider must be proactive, or else you stand no chance of keeping up with the latest tech tools. You don’t want to be stuck with the tools you are using now if they aren’t helping your business to grow. For your organization to evolve – and in a monitoring sense – proactivity can be revolutionary. IT providers are always boasting 24/7 monitoring on their website, but please don’t be fooled – this doesn’t mean that they are proactive. Proactivity is a process. The provider that is right for you will get to know you, your team, and what makes your business work. When scrolling potential providers’ websites, look at the commitments which organizations claim – if you are unsure whether they offer this consultancy as part of their SLA contact them and find out.

2. Remote support

Remote support should be a big consideration in the modern world. Traditionally, you would make a call to your provider, and they would try to talk you through the problem and – if the problem were complicated enough – send down a representative in person that will physically try to fix the problem. This is no longer necessary, as a lot of providers will use a software solution that allows you to send a request, followed soon after by an expert accessing your system – once you grant them access through a remote session – and fix the problem remotely. This will, hopefully, allow you to learn what you can do in case the problem occurs again.

3. Expertize

This one is the most obvious – find a provider that has experience and expertize working with companies in your industry sector. Think about it: can someone best advize you what to implement in your organization when they don’t know how to run a successful business in your sector?

4. Strategic Partnership

Look out for mentions of a strategic partnership, a catered approach, or strategic alignment – all mean the same thing, and all are a good sign if referenced. Your provider must make the effort to establish a strategic partnership with you – it is an accumulation of proactivity and expertise that makes this possible. Your provider should be coming to you with a forward thinking, future proof IT strategy, and one that takes advantage of modern-day tech and its abilities – everything should be focused on driving efficiency that keeps you, your team, and ultimately your organization moving forward.

So, there are many elements to look out for on a potential providers’ website. We hope that these articles help you to realize what is expected of an IT team in the modern world, and how, with the right support, tech can become a real ally to your business. This can be challenging, so if you are still confused and in need of some help, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

The Right IT Support

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