6 Advantages of Single Sign-On in your Business

6 Advantages of Single Sign-On in your Business

by | Nov 7, 2022 | News

1. SSO Saves Time

With the number of applications that are commonly used in this day and age it would be a nightmare for anyone to try and remember the usernames and passwords for all of them. Furthermore, as your usernames are all probably similar it can be easy to get confused. This is even worse on an enterprise level where the applications that you can forget the login details for have client data stored in them.

If you are organised you could have all of these passwords written down either in a notepad or in a word document however, the notepad could get lost, and the word document could be corrupted. In either case you would have to manually enter the details anyway so, an SSO can really help to keep a good workflow and can help to keep a hold of all of your passwords and usernames.

2. SSO Helps with Regulatory Compliance

Organisations have to comply with various regulations and a lot of these are to do with data protection and privacy. SSOs take this into account and can help to share files securely amongst everyone in the organisation whilst complying with the regulations.

3. SSO Security

Single Sign-On and security are very closely linked and good thing too. For somewhere were all of your usernames and passwords are stored you would hope that security was a priority.

The authentication tokens play a big part in this security as they are stored in the central SSO server instead of in the resource that the user accesses every day. Therefore, sensitive login data cannot be cached by the given resource.

To some extent, the SSO acts as a central authentication point. As a result, phishing and malware attacks are less likely to occur.

4. SSO Improves User Experience

It can be frustrating to keep forgetting your usernames or passwords and can also slow you down if you keep having to reset them.

However, SSO does not only remember all of your usernames and passwords for you, but it also allows you to sign in with them much faster improving productivity overall.

5. SSO improves speed

SSO is especially useful in high-stakes industries like finance and healthcare, as well as in large enterprises with numerous departments and employees requiring access to the same applications/services.

Delays in access, password misappropriation, or compromised access to shared tools or resources can literally mean the difference between life and death in environments like these.

6. Cuts down on IT Support costs

As single sign-on reduces the number of login credentials an individual must juggle, users are less likely to contact IT for password resets.

Tickets of this nature are more common than you would think with a sizeable number of IT Helpdesk requests being related to passwords, usernames and other sign in related issues. SSO would help to save money on this drastically.

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